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Custom Metal and Patina Finishes at Palm Springs Plating

Old World look, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Aged and Antique, Finish Design & Matching

We can polish or plate on several base materials such as brass, bronze, steel, copper, stainless steel, zinc die cast and aluminum alloys plus some plateable grade plastic (not raw- must have plating already on it). Furthermore, we perform all our own cleaning, stripping of worn plating or paint, polishing, paint coating, glass bead sandblasting and rack plating in-house! This gives us complete control over all processing aspects of your job and is one of the reasons we are so successful at providing high quality work. 

Patinas start with solid or plated brass, bronze or copper.  They can be dipped black, brown, red, or a combination of any.  Rubbed to perfection then either oiled, waxed or low gloss clear coated depending the amount of durability desired by the application.

Designing and Matching are common requests.  Our R & D department is capable of matching (80%-100% close) most finishes on a variety of base materials.  Customers need to send a sample of what they are looking for and we will develop a finish as close to matching that sample as is possible. 

 After our sample has been approved we connect it to unique code number in order to clearly identify them throughout the processing operations and for the customer to use in the case of future orders. 

While offering over 300 finishes, we have distinguished ourselves with hard to find patina/old world finishes including Tuscan Brass and Durable Bronze. We are excited to offer E-Coat Finishes (high-strength and very low-toxic technology) available: in 4 different brown colors. 

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Value Added Services

Powder Coating, PVD, Polishing, Dissasembly & Reassembly, Repairs

We like to be your one stop shop for your plating needs.  To that effect we have assembled vendors at our level of quality to provide PVD (Lifetime Warranties) and Powder Coating.

For our customers convenience we offer complete disassembly, reassembly, and water testing services.  We are capable of repairing on a small scale.


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