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Palm Springs Plating Company Profile:

Our Mission

Palm Springs Plating Company ProfileThe Palm Springs Plating name means excellence in service and finishing.  Our entire operation is supported by an exceptional team, state of the art research and world-class manufacturing facility.  We have been supplying high quality metal finishing and worldwide with first rate service at competitive pricing for over 25 years with 100+ combined years of experience at your service.

Our Clients

Most people would never think to look to Palm Springs for their plating needs...but many have found us. Our satisfied discerning customers range from California to New York, Canada, Latin America, Japan and Europe.  We strive to be fair, honest courteous and professional in all our dealings.  We arealso senstive and responsive to our clients' needs and are devoted to their satisfaction.  Knowing our customers call for "green" business practices, Palm Springs Plating has fully embraced environmental sustainability issues.

Our Employees

Palm Springs Plating is committed to hiring and developing the best managers and staff in our industry. We are dedicated to providin a safe and clean working environment allowing each and every employee job satisfaction.  We develop Employees startng with good character and commitment to excellence.  Recoginizing the importance of each individual employee in the success in the entire compnay Palm Springs maintains an open-door policy, encouraging the flow of communication, and the exchange of ideas and creativity in the workplace.

Our Industry

Palm Springs Plating is commited to leading the decorative metal finishing industry through innovative desing, client satisfaction with earth-friendly technologies, integrity, and financial strength.  We are dedicated to raising the overall quality standards wihtin the industry and to maintaining an active profile wihtin the industry organization and assocaitions while working closely with th egovernment agencies and our vendors to better serve.

Our Environment

While the plating industry itself helps protect the environment by extending the life of most metals in use today (thereby reducing landflll rates), Palm Springs Plating is also commited to preforming in a manner that is efficient, minimizes pollution and waste, conserves natural resources, and prevents or reduces potentially negative environmental impacts.  Putting more "green" in ourlife by making lifestyle choices that help to sustain the environment rather than deplete it.
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